Saturday, September 29, 2007


As the Summer Draws to a close thoughts turn to next years plants and flowers.What you can try to grow for first time, or what can be grown again. I have lots of Glossy brochures with seductively gorgeous flowers.These are model flowers photographed to perfection.
The Flowers we grow aspire to look like these catalogue pictures.
Sometimes ours fall short of the glossy pictures. The soft focus, every petal perfectly formed.
I find it Therapeutic to look through each new book as I get it to see what they are selling.
David Austin Roses, Gardening Direct Autumn Planting, Fothergills, Thompson and Morgan Lillies, Van Meuwen Spring Bulbs, and the Organic Wiggly Wigglers with wild flowers, bird feed, composting bins, and of course Wormeries...
I arranged the books like a Mosaic to show the bright colours and bold lettering. It is tempting to order lots then think where they can be planted later.
As Angela from Northern California Says Never ask where they'll go. Just give into the temptation of buying plants and seeds :)


Philosophical Karen said...

P.S. I just wanted to say good luck with the house, but if it doesn't happen that's because there is a better one out there waiting for you!

Bob said...

Snappy, this is a great time of year to see the new catalogs. I find it therapeutic also and educational. They often give great information on new annuals and perennials coming into the market place.

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Karen, Thanks for the positive thoughts.Im sure the perfect house with a garden is out there.I even have some garden tools ready for me to take over.The people know the Snappy gardener is tool-less,
Hi Bob,The Autumn time of year is bursting with colour.Of trees and the colour catalgoues.I read a post on Garden Rant that Michelle would rather read a flower catalogue than a gardening magasine.She said English Magasines were exempt from this.The course im doing says that seeds and flower catalogues are good for growing information.In that way they are educational and inspirational.Nurserys here also use the RHS flower shows to showcase new plants and varieties.I find flower catalogues extremely relaxing to read through at night when the weather is cold and dark..dreaming about warmer lighter days.