Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sunday Cyclamen

I love these pink flowers with the darker mouth colour at the base of the petals. The RHS book calls them reflexed petals. They start growing hanging down then get stood up so they are like little pink light bulbs..

I bought this at the Autumn flower show from the Long tent with Plant Suppliers selling plants, bulbs, sundrys, and information for hotels or Scotland..
I wanted a souvenir from my visit, and had the idea of a Cyclamen in my head. After four hours of walking and photographing I relented. I only bought two things, The Cyclamen, and a Country Living inspired white china pot with a Fox on it..
My book says they are a genus of Tuberous perenniels, grown for their pendent flowers. They are frost hardy, and require rich, well drained soil. I dont know which species my plant is, but its flowering now.
These plants will be on my garden to grow wish list.

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