Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Fruit from Show

From the Flower show the Fruit section looks like a buffet table. This photo reminds me of the old Dutch masters painting a still life.

I guess its the black table and fruit baskets holding the multicoloured fruit.

The poor summer meant the entrys were not as plentiful, the only exception being Apples.

The vegetables were sparse so maybe not as many people grew to the entry standard.

If people could see these vegetables and fruit, and go away from the show thinking I will have a go at growing that. Then it will have been a success.

How much sweeter is produce that you have grown yourself, free from any chemicals or additives hopefully. Picked, washed, and eaten fresh. I was inspired by the show...


Unknown said...

Much sweeter. :) Those look delicious, Snappy... the growing space requirements for your next place are doubling every day I think! *grin*

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Kim,Thanks for your comment.They do look delicious.I drool over the picture.Imagine growing all this fruit mmm.
I think i need a few acres of land lol to satisfy all my growing wishes!