Monday, September 17, 2007

Flower Competitors

Some Beautiful White/yellow Dahlias from the Autumn flowers show on Friday..

Dahlias looking very Anime like, they are wanderful colours and shapes...

White Chrysanthenum with yellow centres. Love these beautiful flowers being exhibited..

Mums like Cheerleader Pom PoM's....Ra ra ra...go flowers!

Gladiolus are well loved, judging by the impressive amount of entrys into the competitions..

The Carnations Are lovely.I have grown these flowers.They are great for cut flowers for the house.
This is a selection of the Flowers I photographed. They are like finely polished models of the Flower world. What the ones in your garden should Aspire to look like.
Its a traditional British competition the Flower show, and Veg show. Showing your horticultural prowess in growing beautiful works of living Art. More photos to come yet.....

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