Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Jalapeno pepper plants

My Tatton Park bought Seeds have so far only had three germinated plants. Two Jalapeno pepper plants on the left, and a Friars Hat which is not photographed.

The Alium seeds from Harlow Carr have germinated in my seed tray on the kitchen sideboard.

The last Edible plant growing is my mint, a pot is growing slowly on the kitchen windowsill.

I have grown hundreds of plants this year, but the Flats conditions has killed off a lot. I guess when I move only the strongest most vigerous plants will make the trip.

Its been an experimental year seeing what I could grow in a limited light environment.I would much prefer soil to dig, cultivate, and to work with the prevailing conditions. Three months of Rain followed by a few weeks of Sunshine this year. Even living in a flat I watch the weather and the rain...

Some of my plants are growing but not as well as if their roots were in contact with the earth.I have so many plants that I want to grow...

This is my week off, after feeling poorly yesterday im a bit better today.I still need to take Fran spring bulb shopping, so i can take part in planting them.I have not seen her garden since we renovated parts of it months ago. She has also planted her bog garden, a square patch with very damp soil, and poor drainage.

Here is to a good gardening week wherever you are.

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