Sunday, September 09, 2007

September Sedum

The Sedum in Hils garden was just opening its flower buds on Friday night. The colours are like candy, with pink and white mingling together.
Its Sunday early morning now.I have to get ready for work again tomorrow.
There is an Autumn Flower show next week in Harrogate. I will be going there with my camera in situ. The last flower show of the year. Will be looking for spring bulbs for Fran.
Hope all your Sundays are peaceful and full of Gardening :)


clairesgarden said...

i visited a friend yesterday whose sedum was covered in an uncountable number of bees, it was lovely to see.

Anonymous said...

The sedum is lovely i have one just like it in my garden. Sara from farmingfriends

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Claire,It was a day of visiting friends then to see Sedums.They are very pretty and i do like the pink flowered one.I planted two white sedums in mums garden when i was there.I dont know how they are getting on...
Thanks Sara,I would love to see a photo if you get the chance.:)