Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Pink Angels in the Show

Fuschias from the Flower show. Like beautiful pink angels..mine have all died horribly this year so it was good to see some lovely plants. Enormous hanging baskets of pendulous flowers.I like the Angel/Ballet Dancer flowers the most, ahead of the tubular flowers.
I have been shrinking the photos to see how much quicker it is to upload them.It works pretty well. Do you all miss the large photos I normally post?
A garden would be empty without some Fuschias.I have seen them growing as shrubs and hedges almost, as well as in hanging baskets.
Last year I had a pink fuschia/White Petunia mix in a hanging basket which worked quite well.
I have Fuschia Alice Hoffman regrowing from its woody branches, and the unknown variety from Tatton Park for a Pound. All the others have keeled over, Sigh.
There is always next year to grow them...


Angie said...

I have always had a horrible time growing Fuschia. Never had any luck with it, so I gave up. I do love them though, so tropical looking and so very colorful. I haven't tried them in years, maybe next year I will give them another shot.

ps-thanks for linking my Toad Lily up with yours. Amazing that your picture is so similar to mine.

Sue Swift said...

I love fuschias too, but can't grow them here. It's too hot and I've had to give up. Those are particularly nice.

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Angie,Thanks for dropping by.The Toad lillys were amazing.Im glad when plants connect people from different places.Your photo was clearer than mine though.Fuschias will be on my list next year to grow...
Thanks Sue,You do quite well with what you do grow on the Balcony garden. Kind words!