Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Astrantia Major

Some Astrantia from the Autumn flower show.I love the pin cushion effect of these plants.They are at the top of the blog page.

Its a late post from me after a long day today. Thirteen hour day...

Im off for two days So I can blog the other photos from the Flower show.I have shown the flower competition, and some of the Vegetable competition.

It was funny to see beautiful ornate cauliflowers and cabbages displayed on the black covered tables.

These Astrantia were in a Nurserys display, with the plants on sale besides it.These were given medals too for Exhibitors Displays. Perennials, Acers, Carniverous plants, Alpine plants...

My favourite flowers that I discovered at Harlow Carr, and here again at Harrogate.More posts in the morning :)

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