Sunday, September 23, 2007

Dahlia Snail and Photos

This cheeky Garden Snail was sleeping in a Dahlia in Frans Garden.
It rained heavily before I took the photo. Maybe he was using the Yellow petals as an umbrella.
I read an interesting post from Robin, about a subject I have been thinking of lately.
The post was about how Garden Bloggers organise their photos on the Computer, and whether they deleted them.
My Computer is getting fuller of images I have photographed. They are organised simply by Month, restarting from March 2007. I need to move my monthly folders off the computer into some kind of Storage to free up the memory...
Also on my mind is will my Free Blogger photo album keep me going in the future. The free space i have is 28% full already. Thats Just from March 2007 over 900 photos!!
How do people store their photos on the Computer? If you take a hundred photos at a time your computer hard drive will be filling up. Do you use disks, Flash cards, or something else? Or do you delete the photo's that you dont post?
I love posting almost Daily, and using my photographs to make the pages stand out. The words are poetic, and the images Artistic.
The use of my Camera has increased with the Blog, I hardly ever photographed anything before Snappys Garden. Now I feel lost without my Camera, ready to photograph Nature in all its guises, and Beauty. When I do have a Garden it will be photographed as a work in progress, to share with others, and to record its natural life.
I hope Snappys Gardens Blog does not run out of space to post beautiful photographs of flowers and trees....


Anonymous said...

Do you blame the snail for shading from the rain cos I don't. We use umberella's so why can't he. Loving the pictures and your sense of humour.

Bob said...

Hi Snappy, I have a 1GB memory card in my camera and I only ever delete from that pics I don't want as the cards are quite cheap these days. When I take some new pics I COPY them from the camera to the computer that way I always have a copy so if either the camera or computer mess up all is not lost. The last card lasted me about a year when it was full I bought a new one and keep the old one safe. Just recently I bought an external hard drive so I've also put a copy of the old card on to that too. It might seem like having a belt and braces but I would rather have too many copies than nothing at all. I don't know what happens when my blogger limit is reached. You also asked why I thought summer is over. Well its no one thing, its just a feeling of how things are all around. There is a nip in the air that wasn't there before, the drew stays around longer, and everything is looking like they do after a party. So its just a feeling and nothing in particular. Bob.

KC MO Garden Guy said...

Yes, we all need protection at one time or another. He's lucky he found the dahlia.
As far as storage, right now they are all on my computer and there is a 1nd copy at the host I go to when I want to print them out. I have a hard time getting use to not have a copy I can touch. Also my mother doesn't have a computer so I take some to her so she can see the garden. Probable need to get a seperate hard drive to store them on. Also my other half has found music online and has been download a ton of songs. The hard drive will fill up quick. I have no orgainization for the pic's just the day I loaded them in the computer, which is close to the day I took them. Thanks for posing the question. I need to think about it more.

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Anonymous,My sense of humour is quite well developed.Snails have shells however, the first original mobile home!
Thanks UK Bob,The Chill is in the air, the rain is falling more frequently.Leaves are changing gradually, but its how gardens look now with flowers going over and setting seed.Im glad im not the only one who detects the changes by feel.I might think about the External hard drive to store the computers photos..
KC MO Guy,thanks for the comment.The photos are stored in the days date that the pictures are uploaded.I am thinking about how to store the photos I have taken away from the computer.I dont know if My mum ever goes online to see my blog.She would also need photos for me to show her.
I have used Snapfish to get some prints to see how my photos look in a glossy copy!

clairesgarden said...

I back up everything to dvd, and an external hard drive, I can take over 2gb if I am on a day out so there is no way it will all fit on the pc. I think I have about 40gb stored and I delete all the ones I don't like.
good luck with garden/house hunt. I dont know if I could ever move, I like my garden too much!!

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Claire,I hope to find a house with a garden.Its been a long nine months Gardenless.The pleasure I get from it is mad..
I need to work out what I will do to store the images.Thanks for your advice :)