Thursday, September 06, 2007

Nessun Dorma (None shall sleep)

A photo can tell a story. Here is one side of the kitchen windowsill. The Geraniums have been repotted and watered as the hallway had dried out the soil totally.

The Salmon flowers on one plant, and the Red flowers already blogged before.

The Radio that plays classic FM was from Nans house. It used to play local radio as my Grandad sat at the back door looking out onto their yard with its alpine and succulent plants, below the Railway embankment.

Streptocarpus sit alongside Jalapeno pepper plants, Chinese moth Orchids grow next to fuschias. Mint, and a busy lizzie next to the slow growing Bletilla Striata. A lemon Scented geranium sits alongside a pair of Auriculas. Each plant has a memory of where it was bought, or grown from seeds, or as an experiment to see if it can grow..

Connecting the Plants is the radio, and the music, the biggest Showbiz news today is the Great Luciano Paverotti died on Thursday.

The Orchids love classical music, and I always loved Nessun Dorma from the Football world cup. It was known to make British builders weep even though they could not understand the Italian words. The Aria became entwined with the penalty shoot out that England lost to West a memory of the famous Tenor the post shall be called None Shall Sleep..

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