Saturday, September 29, 2007

Happy Snappy

Two Happy Snappys..
The Streptocarpus plant Happy Snappy with crimson Flower buds, nearly in flower, and I'm happy too. I went to the Estate Agents today to drop in the application form, for the house I looked at yesterday.
Its close to work, and town, is on a quiet street away from the Busy road.
The Garden is rectangular, and faces back onto a Tree lined Alleyway.
I saw lots of Brambles, weeds, and a large Blackthorn bush I think.
It has an outhouse, an old fashioned dwelling. The Kitchen window faces the back. I saw a Window box and Large Pots. Parsley was growing in the windowbox between weeds...
Fingers crossed now that it all goes to plan.I can look now at Flower Catalogues about what to buy. The Autumn and Winter project will be to find the Garden below the Slabs and brambles!


Philosophical Karen said...

When you say it has an "outhouse" what does that mean to you? Here the word is used for an outside latrine, but I am thinking you might have a different use for the word. (Or not.) Either way, I'm sure it's an interesting, old-fashioned building.

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Karen,It was I think an outside Latrine before.Thats what I think of Outhouse :)