Friday, September 28, 2007


I went shopping earlier for food, and on the way back I picked up three random leaves that were blowing across the pavement.The Seasonal changes are nearly upon us.
The Trees dropping leaves means to me we are in Autumn. The leaves falling along With the blustery wind, frequent clouds and rain, and that its cold at night.
I looked at a house today, and with luck will be able to move there.
What i looked for most was a Garden, I need to feel the earth on my fingers again.To use all my planting ideas in bare soil.
I have my fingers crossed now...
I love the colours of these leaves, changing their coats like Joseph and his technicolour dreamcoat. My plants need a change of environment, new windowsills to sit on.
I have an application form to fill out tonight. I will dream of the new garden. It was overgrown and messy...A perfect Winter Project.
The rest of the house was seen, but peripheral to my greatest need: a garden to develop from the overgrown state its in currently.


Sue Swift said...

I hope you get the house...

Up to the beginning of last week it was still summer here. Then a real monsoon hit for two days and ever since it's been decidedly cool. The trees are mostly still green, but I saw the horse chestnuts outside our house were starting to turn today. The beginning of the end

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Sue,Its been cooler here, with more rain.I have seen and picked up horse chestnuts (conkers).I hope the house comes up.As someone said if you dont get it there will be another perfect one out there.
Are you reading Flower Catalogues?
As Summer draws to Autumn we plan for Spring.Summer is a dream away.The seasons are circular, and like the Celts though theres no beggining and no end just Eternity..I have two Celtic band tattoos on my arms :)

Anonymous said...

I love to collect Autumnal leaves of differing colours and then use them for inspiration for art.
Sara from farmingfriends

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Sara,Thanks for comment,I love art that you make from natures stuff you find. Autumn is good for late flowers, leaves, and pine cones.The European bloggers like using it to decorate the home.A natural Artwork!