Friday, June 17, 2005

Slugs strike back

Another nighttime raid and i caught the fattest slug i have seen demolishing my lettuce.I am considering getting some long containers for growing the lettuce in.I read copper tape keeps them from crossing it!!
Because the garden is so big and wild it has a million places for them to bed down during the day ready to strike at night!!
Why are the hosta's untouched yet the lettuces have been ravaged?
I will answer all Old Roses questions under the photos.Im off for two days so i will do some gardening, buy some containers for the lettuces.My tomato plants have shot upwards!!
more posts tomorrow.I have found several plant lists for moon garden.Watch this space!!


OldRoses said...

Diatomaceous earth! Put it around the gardens you want to keep the slugs out of. It is sharp and cuts them up and kills them, so they won't cross it. I understand broken up eggshells work just as well. Same principle and much cheaper if you are not already composting them.

David (Snappy) said...

where do you buy it from diatomaceous earth?might have to start eating lots of eggs

OldRoses said...

Most garden stores carry it. Just ask. Or you can "Google" it and find online sources for it.