Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Monday evening

Just added some new pics of the garden.I went shopping again and bought some new garden stuff.Small white fencing to edge around the square border, and the veggie patch.Its to stop footballs and toy cars running over the flowers.
The family love the garden.It works on many levels, barbeques four this year, the grandkids love playing outside with toys, and footballs.They dig soil and fill containers.Chelsea has been paddling in the inflatable pool.The grass has been saturated in places.
Yesterday the hottest day of the year caused plant damage, wilting leaves, and droopy stems.The sunflower keeled over.I revived it today...
the lettuces are growing, the slug pellets have done a fantastic job of knocking out the slugs.My veggies are growing well.
Loads of french marigolds are blooming.The square garden looks really nice.A mixture of greens, oranges, and reds.
The pot marigold seedlings have germinated.The nigellas look more fern like.
Can spend next two days gardening, catching the rays.At work they have realised i am a brown weathered look not a proper holiday tan!!
More blogs tomorrow


crazygramma said...

Snappy off the subject of gardens my sister is going to Ireland at the end off August and is trying to find a bed and breakfast in or near Dublin do you have any suggestions or a website she can go to? She is doing a private escape from the world.

David (Snappy) said...

I found two sites that have bed and breakfast in Dublin.Luck of the irish.
They are:



Hope that gives her a start.The emerald isle is popular all year around for daytrippers, to gardeners, and writers.
When you travel around it you can see why its called the emerald isle.Hundreds of shades of green in the natural landscape.

crazygramma said...

Thank you so much, I will forward the info to her.