Thursday, June 16, 2005

Gnomes and slugs

Last night i went out with a pentorch and bowl and caught about fourty fat slugs eating my plants.They met a salty end and are now fermenting in the compost bin.Will look tonight for them too.
I went shopping today and bought a large 1.5 kilo bag of bird seed for the feeder.When we got back it poured with rain.Big fat rain drops, torrential for ten minutes then it stopped.
I read where Old Roses wrote about buying a gnome.I felt compelled to photgraph mine.
My garden ornaments include four gnomes (two in cottage garden photgraphed together, and accordion/north london gnome), four frog solar lights, two snail solar lights, the bird/little girl bird bath, and four black resin flower fairies.See past photos in cottage garden.One has moved to edge of kitchen window border.
Seeds wise, the poppies are germinating, as are the pot marigolds in the back border corner, near to the stone corner.
French marigolds are blooming, bright orange but not like the shop bought ones from last year.The rose bushes have multiple buds growing.
The house leeks mad flowers are growing, and in fact the succulant bowl garden is doing really well with new growth.
Inside about twelve tomato plant seedlings have grown.The purple cone flowers with no slugs to contend with are growing well.
Finally our neighbours have been cutting their grass today and clearing the rubbish out of it.Its normally me who goes out first, and then them shortly afterwards.
The littlegem lettuce looks gorgeous if i can work out how big it needs to be before it can be harvested.
Still researching moon gardens.I want to try and grow a herb wheel next year.Maybe five or six plantings in a segmented circle.
I also want some more rose bushes maybe along the sidegarden bordering the garage, and neighbours fence.
The best layed plans of mice and men....

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