Wednesday, June 15, 2005

House leek flowers red trumpets with yellow insides Posted by Hello


OldRoses said...

What's your secret? I've never been good at container gardening.

David (Snappy) said...

For the succulents i took a lot of rocks and stones, and mixed it with garden soil.It is very well drained.Water seeps through but never stagnates, as its got holes in the bottom of the pot.
I took all the succulents and planted them in shallow soil.I took stones from the backgarden near the door and covered the gaps between plants.
They have been outside exposed to the elements.The house leek flowered.
All the others show new growth.As the plants get bigger i move the stones to allow for growth.I want them to fill that pot totally.
It is low maintenence just removing the odd rogue weed.It is a dry, stony environment so not much survives except the succulents.