Sunday, June 05, 2005


I have posted some photos this morning before my late shift today.The first rose of the second year has bloomed.A delicate tea rose bush with sweet smelling orange flowers, that are compact, and fleeting as they last only a few days.
The bush fuschia's have pink/purple droplet flowers on them.The second bush has not got any flower buds.
Also the house leek plant has flowers orange/yellow buds on stalks.I did not think they could flower.At mums they never have and she has a big pot which fills with house leeks before they fall over the side, and some rot away.My houseleeks are in a red pot with other succulants.
The lettuces are growing.The birdfeeder has its advantages.I saw a large brown bird hopping between the lettuce rows eating all the slugs and snails.Touch wood none have been eaten yet.
Unlike my foxgloves.Something has nibbled one so it has stopped growing.They have been feasting on the new leaves before they unfold.
The french marigolds have fat flower buds now, some of them two.As the photo shows the square border which was quite bare and full of soil is looking lush with the green of marigold, hostas, and rose bushes.I have tried to weed frequently, and remove rogue grass which surrounds it.
The back garden is looking wild with the grass.I need the summer flowering bulbs to inject some colour between the silvery senecio, and flowering lavenders, and pink flowered phlox.
One camelia has a flower, the other has no flowers but loads of new green leafs.
I think more carrot seedlings are rising from the earth now.The lettuces are big,green, and visible from the stairs window.
More posts and photos soon.I like the digital camera for quick pictures and uploading onto hello for blogger.
Its raining again, but with some sunshine between the clouds.A light breeze is blowing.Perfect weather for growing gardens.

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