Sunday, June 05, 2005

Back online

After the computers were disconnected im back online.The computer has moved back downstairs next to the phone socket...
Things that are growing are my sexy wifes orange rose busdh, the first flower of the second year is on it.Photo to follow tomorrow.
The snapdragons remain in flower.My wild petunia has more buds on it.The nigellas look ferny leafed and the candytuft grows slowly.
The bush fuschia has pink/purple flowers like drop ear rings from emerald green leaves.
The veg patch is a tale of two halfs.The left side has three rows of little gem lettuce seedlings, bordered by flat leaf parsley.
The middle horizontal has a few coriander.The bottom right hand corner has a line of coriander seedlings.The carrot and spring onions are sparsely coming up, thin green seedlings.
I have more photos but with better light i could get good photo of the tea rosebush.The grass has sprung back from the gasmens attacks.A few bald patches which needs grass seeds.
I am already contemplating a new back garden border next spring/summer.My vision has partially come out.I have problems with the phlox not flowering, the corylopsis has been rotted at the roots hence no growth.
The summer bulbs have sprung up with sword like leaves.I cant wait for the flowers.I bought garden news today, with guess what?Free seeds swanriver daisys or something.
Im working a lot, so time spent just contemplating the garden is brilliant.No matter how stressed it is on the MAU the garden is an oasis of calm.
Its child like simplicity watching things grow, observing the leaves, flower buds, and flowers finally.My french marigolds have grown magnificently.The weather has swung between bright hot sunshine, and torrential downpours.Everything grows after rain falls which i love now.
More pictures tomorrow before my late shift.

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SierraBella said...

Hi, found your blog through oldroses site.
My Shipley family is originally from Yorkshire, so I was so very happy to see your photos. I often wonder about your area, and now have a way to actually see it!
Thank you.