Thursday, June 09, 2005

Seed time

Today was gorgeously hot weather, too hot in fact.Like a droopy plant i retired inside.I did my usual ritual of watering, weeding, and examining growth.
I planted one thousand poppy seeds (like dust, they are very fine), one hundred and fifty calendula (pot marigolds,i love the short lived but bright flowers), and inside the house twelve tomato seeds.
One of my french marigolds has an opening bud, grown from seeds!!Expect a photo soon.The first lettuce casualty to slugs/snails was last night.I need to buy warm beer to trap the buggers in a bowl.
The purple cone flowers have been demolished except a lonely two seedlings.I could not work out where they were.I found a stump with the leafs and stalks chewed off.They had also attacked my foxglove.
In the corner of the kitchen window border i transplanted some carnation seedlings, two lines, and about a dozen french marigolds, and the poorly foxglove that kept being eaten.Its under the shade of the forsythia so it should grow better.
It was so hot today that the soil was baked hard,even with watering twice a day.The sun must reflect off the soil and evaporate water.
My very own desert garden, just need some plam trees and figs and date trees!!Maybe a camel too.
Oldroses suggested a moonlight garden, made up with just white flowers that glows in the pale moonlight.I need to pick a spot, and then choose some suitably white flowers.Watch this space!!
Back to work tomorrow so shorter posts, and just watering the garden.I have worked a lot in it over past two days.It looks beautiful again.
Kind of just sit and admire it, its nearly done.I just tweak here and there.Move shrubs, add new bedding plants, ready for the long hot summer to come....


OldRoses said...

Oh no! Not the purple coneflowers AND the foxglove! What kind of poppies? I have corn poppies that I grew from seed. Since this is the first year I have successfully grown them, I'm not sure when they are supposed to bloom. The aniticipation is killing me. I think I have a couple of hens and chicks coming up in the green garden from seed.

David (Snappy) said...

i think they are californian poppies, will see if they grow.One thousand seeds, a good few should germinate!!
The purple cone flowers are decimated.One foxglove is untouched, the eaten one has been moved to the kitchen window border to try and grow it.
My gladiolus have been attacked as well, the long green leaves stripped.Buggers!!