Thursday, June 23, 2005

Heat wave

Its been another scorching day.Good for sun worshippers and succulents, but bad for my tender plants and seedlings.I went around emergency watering all that was drooping.
The french marigolds have bloomed like mad.I need to put more slug pellets down.For once i won the battle, and they perished in numbers, and snails too.
I think a few more weeks and the lettuces will be gorgeous, fat, and ready to eat.The leaf size has noticibly increased with the sunshine.
My poppy seedlings have been decimated by the hot days.Ooops forgot to water them.Scorchio!!!
I even moved my japanese maple, and red pelagoniums to shady bliss, to stop them being cooked.I was out for quite a while but it was burning weather.
I got Chelsea to help me water the plants.Me with the big grey watering can, and her with the small pink one.
The pot marigolds are growing nicely in the bottom corner.
I am already thinking about new design for the cottage garden.It is very rocky, and drys out really quickly.Whether the hedge roots suck all the water away.The last occupants also dropped large amounts of burnt coal, and ash into the soil.
The border along the back garden fence needs redesigning.It has a lavender, rosemary, and lots of summer flowering violas.
The slope is probably 45 degrees, and it gets baked by the sun from midday to late evening.
What other gardens can you design?I looked up taoist garden, and it mentioned european knot gardens, islamic gardens, zen gardens (i like these, rocks, raked gravel, and simple single plants/trees).Moon garden all white flowers and trees which glow in the moonlight.
I dont know what to do.I want to buy a book and write my ideas down.Draw plans, look at garden books, magasines, and peoples blogs to look for inspiration.


crazygramma said...

On the slope with the hot sun you may want to consider some rock cress (Arabis alpina or caucasia), sedum, hen & chicks they all take little water once they get going and will take whatever heat nature throws at them.

Here are a few plants for the Moon Garden you might want to look into Echinacea "White Swan" loves the heat and is drought resistant,Chinese Snowball,White Azaleas, Philox pantculata "David"

Hope this gives you a few more ideas

OldRoses said...

Annuals! They love the heat. Zinnias always work well for me in hot, dry weather. And cosmos. Even marigolds, which you already have.