Wednesday, June 29, 2005


its getting late now.nearly two am.i worked a late.we just had a mini thunderstorm.lightning, and big thunder cracks.sallyanne freaked.then it started to still is raining now.
tomorrow im off so it will be a good gardening day unless it rains....


OldRoses said...

I love thunderstorms, but they can wreak havoc in the garden with the hard rain and high winds. Did yours survive the mini-storm okay?

David (Snappy) said...

I walked around barefoot this morning surveying the scene.It was raining still.No grass cutting today!!
The snapdragons have been battered down, the love in the mist have been decimated by the mini storm.
The roses fell apart, the older ones.
The lettuces look really big now.The carrots/spring onions look bigger too.
The back borders look untouched, because they are densely planted they offer protection from wind and rain.
I love thunderstorms too.Ever since i was small.I watched a huge one in germany when i was 4.
I read about it for Sallyanne.I like the native americans idea of a thunder bird flapping its wings.