Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Monday night post catnap

I have woken up and gone outside to water the garden with water and plant food.Everythings is growing, looking bigger than before.I need to cut the grass tomorrow, its about a foot long now!!
The things i noticed tonight.My purple headed violas are now a pale blue with no sign of the white/yellow faces.I guess from my biology lessons these are the dominant characteristics.These are second or third flowers so the recessive colours are being replaced.
My one solitary sunflower is about six inches high.I want to buy a six foot cane so it does not flop about like last year.
The rose bush's are growing orange flower buds, with the one flowering one.It smells sweet too.
The veg patch remains a tale of two cities, lots of growth on one side, hardly any on the other.Maybe lettuces grow quicker than carrots, and spring onions!!
My purple cone flower seedlings have all dissapeared except for two in pots.I think i put them out too early.The evening primroses are growing slowly.
The candytuft grows slowly.The love in the mist have had a growth spurt.Those lovely ferny type leafs now stand up.More photos when they are bigger...

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