Monday, June 27, 2005

Back again

Im back again after three night shifts.Im back on early shift tomorrow which will be fun after being awake for three nights.I took some photos today and uploaded them plus some from a few days ago.
The square border looks fabulous with green and gold, blooming roses, and the french marigolds are begginning to explode with colour along the lines of where i planted the seeds.Its pyrotechnics in the garden.The hostas have added their flourish, light purple trumpet flowers with delicate tendrils.The books say they are inconsequential but i love these hostas!!
It was hot today when i slept.The foxglove wilted, and despite emergency watering it looks dicy.The poppy seedlings have withered into the dust.Next year for them.The geraniums have pushed out the flower buds at the end of long green stems.They were bright red last years,but i cant remember if i grew these from seeds or transplanted them.I think last years kitchen window ones died in the winter..
The blog acts as an aide memoire, to where i planted stuff, and what they were called.Its fuuny how you forget.Providence is where something grows the year after!!
The calendulas (call them that because of the french marigolds growing all over) are growing well along the lines of planting.Two curves and an S shape.
The carnations are looking gorgeous.They have taken really well under the forsythia.I hope for lots of nice flowers for cutting.
The little gems have filled out the left hand of the veg patch.The flat leaf parsley lines the left and bottom edges.
Its cool how things grow when you dont watch them.Like watching a pot boil!!
the grass needs cutting, watering tomorrow after my summer flowers!!!

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OldRoses said...

I've lost a lot of seedlings in the heatwaves here too. Thank goodness it's raining now and will continue to rain for a few more days. The plants (and me!) need the relief.