Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Back to work soon

Its a bit overcast and gloomy today after three days of sunshine.Its raining so i dont need to worry about watering anything.The veg patch looks mad, three rows of little gem seedlings, rows of flat leaf parsley, and coriander.
The carrot seedlings have come up intermittantly, but the spring onions are patchy with large gaps between them.A few solitary basil have sprung up but it is very rocky on the far right border.I am happy with them.It looks proper veg patch-ish with neat rows of growth.
The gasmen have left a half ton of sand and odd pipes and boxes all over my grass where i planted the dutch iris.They are killing the grass by cutting off the light.I will be happy when they have gone taking away the rubbish that is strewn across the sidegarden edge with the neighbours garage and fence.
Five days on now at least,will need the garden to destress!!


OldRoses said...

Thanks for posting your vacation pictures. I especially enjoyed the ducks.

crazygramma said...

What wonderful pictures thank you for sharing