Wednesday, June 15, 2005

how does my garden grow..

I have been on a two day study thing about diabetes so i have only looked at the garden on the way out, and in the way in.The roses are blooming, and the french marigolds.
The house leeks are still flowering.Will try to get some photos tomorrow.I collected lots of garden blog links from other blogs.Now i can read down the list for photos and words about our common passion.I love the US blogs and photos of gorgeous looking plants.I like the stories of successes and disasters.The common theme is a love of nature, of flowers, and trees, and shrubs.Of visiting wildlife, just birds here.
Its been raining and it seems to make things grow.Inside the things that excite me are my tomato plant seeds have germinated, and have put up the first leaves.Pioneers to make energy for new root, and leaf growth.I planted twelve seeds in six cells.I thought i would try to grow them inside, before planting them in grow bags next year.
The veg patch needs proper preperation.Especially on the right side but i got excited about what i could grow.I will get some beer tomorrow for slug traps as they are destroying my coriander, and lettuces.
The moved foxglove is still being attacked too.I am considering bringing it onto the windowsill to protect it, so it can have a chance of growth.
The one left outside has been untouched.Mystery why they destroyed one but left a similar specimen untouched?Was it the position?The attacked one was close to the edge of the cottage garden border?The untouched one more central but quite rocky/coaly ground?
I need to buy more bird feed.They have demolished the birdseed third bag!!
I love the birds for their energy in flying to and from the feeder, their songs and chattering, the colours of their feathers.They add more life, and drama to the theatre that is my garden.
The grass, trees, plants, and flowers are all props that make the stage, decorate it.The flowers are the actors (exit stage left).Me am i the director?The visionary?
Every year it is a new production.Maybe some old players return year after year.The succeses come back, the failures find other gardens elsewhere.
Im hoping for a blooming explosion soon, of roses, french marigolds, chresanthenums, busy lizzies, salvias, snapdragons, my foxglove, carnations, nigella love in the mists, candytuft, and my summer bulbs.Dutch iris, gladiolus, and the others...
My lettuces that have not yet been slug ravaged are growing beautifully.The parsley is doing well.The coriander has been demolished except for a small six inch strip.
The carrots, and spring onions have not appeared as i would have liked.
Already im planning mentally for next summer, taking notes from this years experience, and last years first year.
The garden has developed slowly from a messy, refuse strewn wildland to something more refined.Dictated by the wind, rain, slugs and snails, and soil.Clay in places, and rocky from old coal.
Good gardens work witn nature, not against it.The educational experience has been great for planning, and developing.
To get to our house you walk along a long lane with the most immaculate, imaginative gardens are growing.Will get digital camera to take phots of my favourites to display.
Most of the people i have seen gardening are much older than me.But with age comes experience, and better plant selection.
There must be a million ways to plant a garden, some radically different.Mine like i said has been influenced by Mum, and my own aesthetic choices.Sometimes the aesthetics mismatch with the gardens and things fail to grow.
Even with failures the enlightenment grows.I have often mused about the peace and calm within the garden.At night, on cool evenings, sunny days, in the newly risen sunlight.
Work is chaotic, noisy, stressfull at times, with moments of real drama, of lifes saved, and lifes lost.Where people in all their individuality show themselves under the stress of illness.
The antidote to that environment is my garden.It has become my oasis of calm.Other family members use it differently.
Sallyanne will sit watching me from the backstep.Mat, and Ant use it to barbecue things in their BBQ.The grandkids play in it, and help move soil from the ground into containers.
Other visitors have stood in it and looked at the garden, and said it was really nice.I like that the reactions have been provoked.For all the failures the overall picture is successfull.
More posts and photos tomorrow.Good night world.Heres to a long hot summer with lots of flowers!!


OldRoses said...

I love looking at other people's gardens. I've almost driven off the road a few times while craning my neck for a better look!

crazygramma said...

Because my main gardens are tucked in the back I love the expressions when they walk back and see all the blooming flowers.