Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Three Colours

I was woken up this morning by my mobile phone ringing.I found a voice mail when I got up from Bluebell Nurseries.I have ordered a Silver Birch Tree (Betula Utilis "Doorenbos") for the front garden.I asked them to cut the lead branch so it bushes out and stays relatively compact.The nursery man was telling me on my voicemail about the stems,where it should grow,when the white bark forms,and to get into contact with them if there were any problems.I could photograph it and send them the photo.
I was impressed with the knowledge,and care they took of my order.They obviously worry about what happens to their Trees once they leave the safety of the plant nursery.The white barked tree will look gorgeous against the green hedgerow.
I spent a few hours tidying up around the greenhouse.I removed the buckets of soil,cleared the Scottish Cotton Thistle,trimmed one of my Grasses,and top dressed the Oriental Poppy.I took this photo of the Violet and Purple Pansy in one of the baskets.It looks like a watercolour painting.
I want the White Bark of the Betula to be as impressive as the Red stems of my Dogwood.Mum bought it for me when we were at Harlow Carr last year.Once I cleared the sunken border I realised how vibrant the young stems were.They were covered in old leaves and debris before.
I tried cleaning up the Strawberry bed,and trimmed a dead section from my patio Apple Tree.I need a bigger pot to plant it in.I'm toying with the idea of a Bramley Apple tree planted in the garden between the Strawberry bed,and the pond.I'm waiting for my eight new Strawberry plants to be delivered.
The February sunshine lulls you into a false sense of Spring.The cold air outside soon brings you back to earth.
I have more bulbs to plant once it warms up a bit.I had to buy some more Oriental Stargazer because mine rotted in the pot outside.I must remember to keep it in the greenhouse once it has finished blooming.The water logged soil here has rotted a few of my pot held bulbs.
We are going to New York in eleven days.I cannot wait to see Central Park, and will hopefully take lots of photos of monuments,yellow Taxis, and a few gardens.The garden will be ready for spring by then and I will be able to relax before the growing season begins in earnest.

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