Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hockney Blue

I have finished my night shifts now.I got up at about half past two and took a few photos of the garden.I love the flowers that are blooming in the hanging baskets and around the pots.These Pansy's give shots of colour.They are beautiful to look at,like a David Hockney watercolour painting.We had two bags of straw from the Bluebell nursery tree box.One black bag must have been blown around by the wind.When we came back from New York we found straw everywhere.I need to clean it up,and put it back into the black bin bag.
The Roses and Silver Birch need planting into the front garden.I have a compost bin to empty and bags to fill up.The front garden planting will need lots of compost to help them get off to a flying start.
It has been a hot February day today,hotter than some places around the Mediterranean.Strange weather patterns!
The warm weather means our spring bulbs are advanced now.I hope for some flowers soon.

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