Sunday, February 19, 2012

New York City 2

The view from our Hotel room showed these illuminated trees outside an office block.I loved the red bark chippings they used to mulch the area aroun the base of the Trees.Its very Christmassy to dress trees up in fairy lights.We went to the Winter Garden Atrium in the world financial centre.The Circle Line Ferry guide told us to go there to get a good view of the area around ground Zero.It was reopened a year later after the September 11th 2001 attacks.I love these giant palm trees growing under the domed glass roof.It reminded me of a Victorian greenhouse.They had to replace all 2000 glass panes that had been broken by the collapsing WTC buildings,and have acquired sixteen 40 feet high Washingtonia Robusta Palm Trees.
The stairs and all the marble was replaced too.From the top of the steps it is cathedral like looking down.They use this space for Art exhibits,live music,and film screenings.From the top you can look out to ground zero.The Freedom tower (to be named World Trade Centre 1)is currently under construction.It was at the 86th floor.It will be 1776 feet tall,after the year of the decleration of Independence.
The site where the two World Trade Centre buildings stood has been turned into a 9/11 memorial and museum.The Memorial was called "Reflecting Abscence" and is two black pools with the largest manmade waterfalls in America.400 trees will be planted around the two pools.I hope to go back once they have finished their contruction.This Wall Street Bull statue was one of my favourite sights.A Sculptor called Arturo Di Modica made it and got his friends to deposit it in front of Wall Street in between Police patrols.It was removed for not having a permit, but then public opinion made them bring it back to the Bowling Green facing Broadway.It is now one of the most photographed Statues in New York,symbolising strength and buoyant stock markets.I loved it so much I bought a small Key Ring of the Charging Bull.Office buildings seem to have containers and pots outside them.In the cool February days this was a lovely splash of colour.Dogwoods were popular all around New York with their fiery red or orange bare stems.In Bryant Park this American Sparrow was singing away,all fluffed up to keep the cold out.These look like our House Sparrows (and sound like them too).The bustling sidewalk of Time Square.I loved the light and dark that the sunlight falling onto the tall buildings made.It is a city born to be photographed.There is so much going on constantly besides you,and around you.There must be millions of photos you could take in New York city.Bryant Park had an outdoor icerink which was popular.It had music playing,and lots of hot food places cooking street food.The smells were divine making you hungry.This is my arty New York Shot.Tall buildings,trees,and blue sky.Public parks become like mini oasis's in the concrete city.These Trees seemed to curl gracefully upto the sky.They will become green cathedrals during the summer lining the tables and chairs beneath where people relax.The last photo shows the Carousel at Bryant Park.I love these American decorative artworks.These are the sounds and colours of Childhood.
These two dozen photos to show some of New York.I still have much more to see like the Bronx Zoo,and the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.I will have to save up for another trip.

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