Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Some rare visitors to the garden feeders were this pair of Green finches.They look so serious on their faces with their large bills for cracking seeds.I like their muted olive green feathers with yellow striped wings.
I went back to Asda today and impulsively bought another £6 fruit tree.This one is a Pear Tree, the variety William Chretian used extensively for canned fruit in the USA.It is joining the two Cooking Apple Trees that I bought yesterday.
I have four trees now to plant in the garden once it defrosts a bit.The snow is still layed on the grass and in the pots.The night time temperature has fallen too freezing everything over.
We only have five days until we are flying to New York.I want to have planted my mini orchard or at least potted them up.The Strawberry plants I mail ordered also need planting when the ground is not frozen.
I love how a mild January gets you excited about the growing season,and how February brings you back to earth with winter chills.The birds always cheer me up as we wait for the seasons to change.

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