Sunday, February 05, 2012

Snow Business

Snow was falling thick and fast last night when I went to work.I love the look of freshly fallen snow.When we got back this morning I took some photos of the view from the conservatory.It looks so Christmassy, snow covered plants.It will not last long though as no more snow is forecast.The Ceanothus and Hebe look very jolly with white snow balancing on the branches.I loved looking at all the foot prints that the cats and birds had made.Impressions of who's been through the garden.This Hungry Robin came down to eat some food off the bird table,and some suet mix on the ground.The Red breast contrasts beautifully with the snow.I spied our local Squirrel about sixty feet up a tree looking hungrily down into the garden.He was relaxed enough to preen himself from his lofty vantage point.He came down and was trying to dig through snow to get to the bird food on the ground.His little nose was cold after trying to dog for food.He ran off with a large chunk of fat ball that he managed to get through the black cage on the left.
Only one more night left for me on this set.

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