Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Garden Revival

When we came back from New York we found these beautiful Snowdrops blooming in the front garden under the window.They lay dormant for ten months of the year,but bloom spectacularly in February.They are delicate looking with the white petals edged with the lime green smile.They herald the start of the end of winter.The winter flowering Pansy's continue to give me surprises in their colour of flowers.This one is a dark crimson colour, deeper than the purple and violet flowers of some of the others.It stands out from the other blooms. The Rose Darcy Bussell has begun to grow fresh new leaves.They emerge from the buds glowing red like fiery Ruby's before they deepen in colour.She is covered in new growth more than the other Rose bushes.I hope for lots of sumptuous scented Roses this year to bloom.The Sambucas Nigra has survived being transplanted.The dark feathery leaves are beginning to emerge from the buds.I hope its airy new position will make it more visible.Last year it had to grow out from beneath the vigorous Butterfly Bush.I love the Sambucas frothy pink flowers.The dark leaves are nice to look at as an architectural plant.Two more plants waking from their winter slumbers are the Lupins,and the Daffodils that survived the builders feet.The Daffs here are behind some of the others.They know what time of the year it is.In other places Daffodils and Narcissus flowered weeks earlier than normal.There are two Barrel planters full of Tulip bulbs.I planted them late last year so they never flowered for me.I cannot remember what types there were.It will be interesting to see which Tulips have survived the Winter.A solitary Daffodil.I will buy more this year to plant in the sunken border.The other plants I'm missing are jewel like Crocuses.They are blooming around Wakefield in grass areas under Trees.I like the Purple and Golden Yellow ones.
March 20Th is the beginning of spring,three weeks away.Its good to see plants growing here already.
The birds have been in the garden today feeding up.Their songs fill the garden up with a delicious noise.I have seen a little Wren today,and three Chaffinches,along with all the usual suspects of House Sparrows,Blackbirds,Wood Pigeons,Collared Doves,Goldfinches,and Blue Tits.
They are getting more excitable as the days warm up,and the light lasts longer.I topped up their food and drinking water.


Topfgartenwelt said...

Spring has already startet in Great Britain - nice. In some regions of Austria it's still a little bit too cold for snow drops and co.

Nice pictures!

Greetings Kathrin

Lucy said...

It's so nice to start seeing some colour again after winter, I can't wait for all the bulbs to be out and join the snowdrops and crocuses in my garden.