Monday, February 06, 2012

Apples And Diamond

I finished my nights this morning and sat down watching the birds in the garden.An elusive visitor is the Nuthatch who comes down to feed on bird seed and sunflower hearts.I have had a pair of Nuthatches visiting together.I will try to get another photo of them.My Betula Utilis variety Doorenbos was delivered today.It was sent in a large cardboard box,taped up,and containing a huge amount of straw used as a natural packing.Cat suggested that I recycle the packing into the Strawberry bed outside and to insulate any winter tender plants.The Himalayan Birch will eventually have white bark.Bluebell Nursery's cut the main stem for me,and it has two other growing stems to hopefully make it grow smaller and more vase shaped.I need to plant it outside in the front grass,when the snow melts and the ground is not frozen.These Strawberry Amelia were delivered a few days ago.I have soaked the roots in water.I will plant these tomorrow.I will clear one quarter of the Strawberry bed to have these new plants growing together.
We went to Asda earlier and I found Fruit Trees for sale at £6 each.A Bramley Apple Tree and a Howgate Wander Apple Tree.They are both cooking Apples,and will complement the Braeburn patio Apple Tree growing in the pot.They need planting when the weather improves a bit.Its not snowed any more but it has been below freezing at night so it has not all melted away yet.
I think as the days start to lengthen then I get more into getting ready for the growing season.The Woodlands Trust has been planting trees as part of the Queens Diamond Jubilee, calling them Jubilee Woods.
I have three new Trees now to plant that will always remind me of 2012.

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