Monday, January 30, 2012

Pineberry Surprise

I got an email about Wilkinson's new White Strawberries.These have also been called Pine berries,as the small fruits taste like Pineapple.I bought all my Seed Potatoes,Onions,and Garlic there in the Wakefield Wilko's but did not see these.I cheekily emailed them for a sample to grow in the garden.A few days later and the packet arrived with the White Strawberry dormant plants in it.I needed to soak the two roots first in water.I then planted them in two pots besides the backdoor.I will watch their progress and hopefully tell you all what the White Strawberries taste like.
I read about these as some of the garden trends of 2012.I hope that these will grow some tasty fruits this year.
I ordered another eight Strawberry plants for my sleeper bed a week ago.They have not arrived yet.They will fill the remaining corner of the bed.Last years crop of Strawberries was a delight of the Summer.


Gary said...

Hi David,
Good luck with the white strawberries, they sounds quite delicious!

Anonymous said...

I'll be putting my potatoes into a chitting rack this weekend. Kings had a good deal 5 x 1kg of 5 different varities for £9.99 !st early, 2nd early, red main, white main and salad) Looking at all those spuds I wonder if I'll possibly be able to eat the entire crop!

Mark said...

Hi Snappy,
I got my white strawberry/pineberry last year and although they flowered, they did not fruit. This year they have flowered earlier, so I am optimistic that I will get fruits. Have you got any up to date images of how yours are doing?
My latest pics are at: