Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Cats,Crocs,And Blue Shades

Its the twenty ninth of February today,a leap year.The crystal vase has a mixture of some Alstromeria growing in it.I wandered about the last time it was a leap year.
I had a look back at the last leap year in 2008.There was a blog post, I was at Trilby Street making an African bag garden.There were Blue Polyanthus flowering there. years later here are some more Blue Polyanthus growing in the sunken border.I love the Blue petals with the yellow inner eye.I do not know if these are the same ones.I took plants from Trilby street to Fishponds Drive,and here to Kettlethorpe where we are now.I love the link between 2008 and 2012.I caught the slinky malinky kitty sneaking in to try to forage some Catnip.I have some Nepeta growing on in the greenhouse.The areas moggies have eaten my plants to the base.I almost think he was chewing on the roots for his Catnip fix.This cheeky juvenile Squirrel was raiding the birds feeders.Eating sunflower hearts,peanuts,and fatballs.He was not bothered even when i tapped on the window.
The Crocodile and Cat statues are still in the garden.They are part of my healing garden.I hope to be blogging in four years when the next leap year occurs.

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