Thursday, February 02, 2012

Fruity Thursday

One of the surviving bulbs are my Black and Yellow Crocuses.These were planted in the Lilac Tree pot and have moved between three houses.They are a sure sign that the end of Winter is approaching.I hope they flower this year.These seem to be eaten by mice every year.The councils park display Crocuses seem to do much better.I love the glowing green leaves with the white stripe.It contrasts nicely with the cigar like flower buds.I was looking up on the blog about the Apple Tree.I ordered it from Garden Express at xmas 2007,and it was delivered in January 2008.This is the fourth year that I have had it.Time flys when you are trying to grow Apples.I thought that its pot was restricting its growth.We went to Hampsons today for two new pots.One for the Apple Braeburn,and one for the Black Munich grape vine.I struggled to get the Apple tree from its smaller pot.Its roots had penetrated around the big crocks at the bottom of the pot.I used my hands to edge around the root ball to bring it out without damaging the main stem.It is now taller than I am.I put two decorative frogs in the soil.It is about 1.8 metres tall now and is developing lots of side shoots.I'm hopefull that there will be more than 3 Apples on the tree this year.I hope we do not move because the pot is so heavy to move.It will need tilting and rolling if i have to move it anywhere.I trimmed off the dead part of the second stem.I think it was a Patio Apple Tree so it will not grow any taller.
I potted up the Grape Vine into a large green pot decorated with flowers and fruit.I need to construct something for the vines to grow up.There are three main stems growing from the base of it,above the wax covered scion.The frame need to be able to be moved outside for over wintering the Grape Vine.
I also bought two small pots of Nepeta (Catnip) today.The neighbourhood Cats have eaten our plant and the builders finished it off.I will grow the two pots onto a bigger size before they can be planted into the sunken border.
We saw a leaflet today for the Spring Flower Show at Harrogate.This is between the 26th to 29th April.I have booked the day off for the first day of the show.
Back to night shifts for me now untill Monday morning..

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