Monday, March 26, 2007

Crazy things gardening Meme

I was reading a blog post last night with a five point Meme that you are truly mad for gardening.
This is my planting the seeds. I used baking trays to hold the containers. A washing up bowl to make my seed sowing mix.A picture frame has been dismantled so the glass can cover my reluctant Heuchera's!
The link was on Blackswamp girls blog:
I have been thinking what craziness or didication I show to gardening...Here are my five strange habits:
1) Every available surface in the flat with a window has been commandeered for growing plants and seedlings. All the ornaments have been moved into the bedroom to deal with the influx of plants.
2) Any shopping trip out for pots and pans, or a webcam involves a detour to a nursery or shop that has plants/ seeds/ pots/ flowers. Several times i went out for other items and ended up buying some new specimins or ceramic pots.
3) Holidays must be taken to avoid clashing dates with when your prize Dahlia/Orchids etc are due to flower. After all the effort of growing on, nurturing, feeding, you dont want to miss the climax when things flower. I have been on holiday during flowering time and my mind kept wandering how the flowers were doing...
4) I take my camera (on the mobile) everywhere in case I see any gorgeous plants/trees/flowers. You never know when a garden might wow you and its good for your memory afterwards as to what planting combinations you have seen..
5) Using everyday objects for gardening.I guess this is like trash picking. Finding new garden uses for common objects. See about baking trays, washing up bowl, and picture frame glass!
Thats my list. Thanks Blackswamp girl for making me think about a post :)I hope all your gardens are growing.I am back on seven night shifts now untill next monday.


Unknown said...

I love your list! And you're definitely one of the craziest gardeners I know... even the lack of a proper garden space isn't getting you down. Yay! :)

Bob said...

Hello Snappy its nice to see you are back. Not far away from me now I see too. I know where to come when I want a hand thats for sure. I hope you manage to secure an allotment in the near future. Bob.

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Blackswamp girl,I loved the idea of that meme list, and thought about it in bed before I wrote it yesterday.You can still garden without a garden.We share the same madness/passion lol.
UkBob it was cool to see how your blog has developed.Are you posting about where you work now too?With the pics of clearing the waste up, and making the borders and paths amazingly cleaned up.I must read up when i finish my nightshifts.I hope the allotment comes soon.I walk past one lot going to the hospital.Fingers crossed.I may help out you one day too ;)

KC MO Garden Guy said...

Of all the things you could be crazy about I think gardening is the best. I don't feel I have any strange habits or rituals related to gardening. But if you asked the other half I'm am sure he could come up with a long list. So Snappy keep up the gardening and all the crazy things you do because of it. As long as it can make you smile it is more than worth it!!

Bob said...

No Snappy the wilderness garden isn't here, it's in Scotland, if you read from Thursday, March 22, 2007 it will tell you all about the place and how I came to be there. Must go now as I want to get some grass cutting done no that the sun has come out. Bob.

David (Snappy) said...

I will read your blog when i finsish nights UKBob.Nightshifts are a bane for nurses, with internal rotation onto nights.Hope you got your grass cutting.Did the sun come out?It was foggy last night and cold, then overcast when i finished.Heres to my end of nights post next monday am!