Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sunday Best

I usually buy plastic pots for growing seedlings on, and flowers. Yesterday I broke from my usual habit and bought three ceramic pots. Two traditional round ones, and a square shaped one. I wanted the planting of the Orchid bulbs to be auspicious. Traditionally the best clothes were worn on a Sunday, so my orchids are in their Sunday best...

There is a LOT of advice on the web about Orchids, their care, and needs. I read some then switched off and did my own thing.

Learning by your own actions works for me. I read about Bletilla Striata being a terrestial orchid (ie it lives in the ground not in the tree's). It is grown in south east Asia and China on alkaline, sandy soils, often with other plants that give it some protection from strong sunlight. It likes damp but not soggy soil.

I have tried to recreate that in the pots, and this morning the green tips look healthier, so i guess the watering yesterday has roused the bulbs from their winter dormancy.

The Amaryllis i grew before, started growing in the dark of the coal shed, with no soil or water surrounding it. That tells me the Bletilla's pointing growing tips were itching to get going, like runners at the start line of a long race.

I think the pots are gorgeous. There is a dark blue one, a light tan coloured one, and a grey/white one. My only other pot was from Nan's house, a living memorial of an easter cactus. It is a Wedgewood China pot, with an oriental design of a Kutani crane, tree's and flowers.

Its Sunday, the last day of my week off work.Alas, back tomorrow but i am fully charged now, and have many plants growing on.

The Nicotiana have germinated in the seed tray in the bedroom windowsill. They miraculously sprang up overnight. No sign of any Heuchera yet. I might buy some from the garden centre if they fail to germinate. I need to be patient though. Im bad at that. Willing everything to grow faster, but they dont. They each have their own time, and speed of growth.
Spring has truly sprung now, although it still feels cold to me. I am waiting on that Allotment still. Fingers, toes, and trowels crossed as Old Roses said to me.
It is the best feeling in the world to be blogging again. The process of writing, taking photos, and taking a gardeners view of the world fills me with the joys of spring. The cycle of the seasons is back in my blood. It connects us back to the earth, and our past. Our passion brings out the best in people, and plants.
As the birds return after the winter so I have return from an unexpected winter layoff. I will try to stay online and posting as often as work allows.


Georgina said...

Hey Bruv!

I love stargazer lilies. We can't have them at home coz of the cats - but i often have them in my office at work. Hope you're eating enough to keep you going. The Hamilton famous Roast is a dish worth eating!

Love sis x

mrsnesbitt said...

Found your blog via another blog, as you do and great to see fellow yorkshireman!We are near Whitby on Moors...grim up north LOL! I have just started a new gardening blog in an effort to get help and advice, hope you can pop over sometime!


David (Snappy) said...

Hi Jaws, at least you have commented at last.The Hamilton roast is legendary :)
Hi Mrs Nesbitt I left you comments on your garden blog.Its good to have some Yorkshire gardens blogged!!