Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sunrise and Daffodils

I have finished two long days, and i have a few photos to post.I am having problems trying to sort out my phone to transfer photos to the computer.I am doing it but not like before.Where there is a will there is a way..

The Sun was rising as i went to work this morning.The springtime is approaching which means its getting light earlier. Yippee.

There are daffodils flowering now, i took a pic but the light was not good for that..
Another patient had some gorgeous looking pink flowers, I looked at them.It was an orchid in a pot with the most delicious flowers.I never knew they could sell Orchids as a present in a pot.

I will get some compost tomorrow and containers and start my windowsill garden.Grow some plants.Im getting withdrawl from no garden....

I have thought about an allotment (that is community garden for American readers).
The waiting list for one is 10 years!!!!!!!!!I cant believe it would take that long.I might look for more voluntary work for my itching green fingers.
I have offered my services at work to help people with their gardens. Fran will be my gardening assistant when it warms up. I dont mind it being cold or wet..just want to be outside growing plants.


Unknown said...

David, it's so good to see you back! I just now got caught up, and am glad to see that BT finally got things figured out correctly with your phone line. I did some balcony gardening for a while, but I bet you'll find a way to do much better stuff than I did--I was a total novice then! Also, there's a "Balcony Gardening" blog that you'll find on Garden Voices--I can't remember the blog name exactly, but I believe she posts from either Spain or Italy and has some cool stuff. You might get a few ideas there, too.

Did I say "WELCOME BACK" loud enough yet? :)

Anonymous said...


Welcome back! Good luck in your new gardening endeavours!

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Blackswamp girl, lol it good to har your welcome back.Have missed you all.I need to find that Balcony gardening link.I read it with interest before.I read in the history of gardens that in England no matter how poor people were there were tubs or pots with flowers growing in them.Every class took delight in growing plants and flowers.That was around 1700 I think.
It has taken ages to settle in but i will do my best to grow something in a pot.A windowsill garden...
Thanks John, will need to do some lateral thinking.I can help my work mates who know i miss the garden lots...and the voluntary work idea is good.Cannot wait 10 years but i will contact the council about an allotment.Maybe there will be an overgrown one for me..