Friday, March 09, 2007

Dutch Tulips

These beautiful flowers were at work.I asked the lady could I photograph them for painting later.
She was happy for me to photograph them, and now they are heading for the blogosphere!!
They are a beautiful red colour when unfurled. The flower heads are like dusky pink tents before they unfurl to reveal the most delicious yellow centre, with purple pollen bits, and a star shaped Anther.
My botany is a bit out of shape so if you really know what those parts are called.
The Dutch have been growing tulips since 1593, after getting them from the Ottoman empire. The upper classes then began to cultivate them, and make new versions.
It is said at one point they were traded on the Dutch stock exchange, so valued were they.
I have only really noticed Tulips over past few years. I painted these from the photo in Acrylic paints.
They are divine in structure, bold colours, and strappy green leaves. These were presented in a glass half vase surrounded by light green/yellow paper.
Perfect tonic for getting better in hospital. The healing virtues of plants and flowers have been around for thousands of years. People bring flowers and grapes to those who are sick in hospital.
This is a nod to a cultural history, a behaviour passed on from generation to generation.Most people I guess would not know bringing flowers to the hospital, is descended from using flower parts to heal.
Like Rosemary to remember, Lavender to sleep.
These Dutch tulips inspired me.I hope you can see their beauty too.

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