Friday, March 23, 2007

Oriental Stargazer

I was too tired last night to post this picture of the Oriental lilly packaging. They have the most beautiful flowers with five pink white petals with dark red spots. I imagine they will drop pollen on you if they touch you. I also read they are scented too.

When i moved into the flat in the bathroom the last people who lived here had left a rectangular glass vase with blue glassy beads, stones, and shells.

Four months later I emptied it, washed the glass clean, and put the lilly bulbs in it.

The lilly bulbs are now planted in soil, five inches down waiting to explode out with colour and fragrance.

I googled for an image of the flowers in bloom. A glass vase with compost in it is not exciting photo.

In the summer I will open the window so they can feel the warm sun, and breeze blowing through their stems.

I had to find something nice to grow on my windowsill. My orchid bulbs and seeds have still not come :(

The plants are slowly taking over the Flat. The ornaments on the windowsills have been pushed aside ready for the indoor greenhouse to expand.

I have no garden outside, but the best you can do is to replicate pieces of it indoors. I still need to work out which direction the windows are facing. Possibly East facing but a large flat blocks the view. The sunlight will be more diffuse.

Here is an image lifted from google of the Oriental Stargazer lilly in all its glory. I hope my bulbs live up to their potential.


david santos said...

Hello, David! (may name)
This work is very, very good. thank you
have a good weekend

KC MO Garden Guy said...

The Stargazer Lilly is a very nice one. When they bloom to me they look too perfect. I have ahd to touch them to make sure they are real. I have a couple bulbs in the garden that are just poking their little noses out from under the mulch. Good luck with yours.

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks David, cool name, eh?Glad you dropped by......
KC Mo I will definitely touch them, smell them, and paint them just to see that they are real.I hope mine grows okay, fingers crossed.

Naturegirl said...

Snappy these are easy to grow and they are my prize blossoms! I have posted last summer and have had several artists paint it! In the next few days I will post one such painting! Try planting them and wishing you the best gardening season! :)NG

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Naturegirl,I will keep checking back to see if you have posted the paintings.They look absolutely divine and they are suppossed to smell.iread people become obscessed with lillys after growing the Oriental starglazer.The name sounds magic, the colours are lovely, and it has a scent.A perfect garden flower.
Thanks for the best wishes.I hope i get an allotment soon :)