Sunday, March 18, 2007

Snow was falling

... when i walked to the shop tonight after a sleepy day. Two thirteen hour days made me soo tired.
I have got a number to ring in the morning about an allotment.I walk past some on the way upto work.
I could then grow flowers and vegetables.Exercise my green fingers, get the outdoorsy tan from working outside.
I do three 13 hour shifts a week, which leaves four days for gardening, working extra, or just chilling out.
As the snow whipped down, blown by a strong wind there was mist being formed, swirling around the lamp posts.It was cold outside!!
I repotted one of my fat ball cactus.I will photograph my windowsill plants.The gazania seedlings are fattening up now they have extra room to grow their roots.
I will start off seedlings here at the flat before moving them to the allotment.I hope i can get some land to rent from the council.My trials and errors will be recorded here.
In the USA they are called community gardens.Britain has a long history of people growing fruit and veg on them.They were used to great effect during the second world war.
There is now interest from younger people interested in trying them out, hence the growth of waiting lists. The average allotment gardener was elderly and male in my experience.I hope there will be interesting characters, with sage advice for a newby like me, lol.
Hope all your weekends have gone well.The spring air is warming my blood now, and with the stress of work I need the healing vibrations from working the cold, clay earth.


Unknown said...

I love this picture with the glow of the evening lights... and am keeping my fingers crossed that the waiting list for an allotment is greatly exaggerated!

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Blackswamp girl,Boy was it cold.My camera got covered in snowflakes, and i think you can see the mistiness of the night with the cold air being driven into the warm air.It was quite magical I think.
I seem to like photographing light, from sunrise/sunset to sun beams to night lights with snow.Glad you liked it enough to comment.

lisa said...

Love the photo! Three 13 hour shifts...I am jealous! I've worked that myself previously-rough at the time, but the days off are awesome!

David (Snappy) said...

You get used to them Lisa.I just stop clock watching and go with the flow.Four days off will be reward enough to garden and paint.