Thursday, March 15, 2007

New beginnings

I finally went shopping today for the start of my windowsill garden.I want to grow flowers from seeds on the windowsill.I have three windowsills which may have some windowboxes soon, with plants i have grown.
I bought some compost, plastic pots, and seed trays.I found some plug plant Gazania's which i wanted to grow from last year.
The next thing i might get is some grow houses.Literally just shelves that can grow seedlings on that are open to light.I dont have central heating, just electric heaters.It is warming up so soon I wont need them.
The hardest decision is what to grow?I have seed packets from Castleford which need planting if they are suitable to be grown indoors.
Its not the same as having a proper garden, but we can all improvise.Even the poor of the 17th century used containers as they had no land to grow things on.
I bought a second hand book yesterday from the charity shop Scope, two pounds for a large encyclopedia of plants and flowers..
Springtime must be near, as im itching to start the process of growing flowers from seeds.I will give away the excess plants to friends and workers..

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