Friday, March 16, 2007


The Sun rises behind the tree's in the early frosty morning.I worked all day from 7am to 8.10pm.
Between the chaos of admissions there was time to sit outside on the bench, with the wind blowing, birds singing.
The breaks help ease the stress.The ward noise replaced by the sound of nature.
Am working long day tomorrow before i have sunday off.My Gazania plug plants have perked up in their new pots, and look green and fresh.They are ready to expand their roots and start growing.
I am thinking what else i can grow.I have been looking for windowsill gardens. I love busy lizzies and geraniums, so may go seed shopping on sunday.Wakefield does not have many garden places that i have found.
I hope you are all having good weekends, and that your gardens are coming around from the winter sleep, as we edge into Springtime.

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