Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Wednesday and no joy from the council yet about my allotment application. I have been researching Carousels for a new painting subject. I did have a fairground book with the history of them.
My seeds have not germinated yet.The Gazanias look green but are developing slowly. Its cold outside, and i still want some dirt to dig.
My seeds have not arrived from Suttons yet. I will have fun planting them. My plan is to get the trays with 24 cells for each type and grow 24 of each..
Busy lizzies, geraniums, etc.
Springtime is in the air, moving towards us slowly. When you are waiting for things time moves very slowly,very snail like.. hence the lifted pic.


Anonymous said...

Great photo! Did you take it?

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Kristi, no i lifted the photo from an irish garden website about garden pests.I never found snails when i did have the garden.They hid during the day in damp places away from the birds :)