Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Violin and Glad's

Hannah reminded me that i am a procrastinator.My gladiolus need digging up for the winter sleep indoors.
I played the violin today for a few hours. As winter moves in Garden jobs get less and less.I will practise that more and more.
I cleaned up the rubbish that the wind had blown down, uprighted a few pots. The glads can come out tomorrow.
The seedlings of the pansys are growing on nicely, i wander what colour the flowers will be :)
The hollyhocks have all wilted, from eighteen to two..Im not hopeful they will survive the winter lay off.
I cant believe how mild it is for November.Im worried now whether the spring bulbs will be as vigerous.They need a cold snap to get going!
My white birch tree is nearly bald, all the leaves are scattered in the borders and in the grass.
More pics soon, i took a few today.As the flowers lessen I will get arty with the photos!!


Silvia Hoefnagels . Salix Tree said...

I have never dug up my gladiolas. And they come back every year good as always. I am wondering if our mild island climate keeps them good all year round? I never even know one must dig them up. If mine look good without storing them indoors, might yours not do the same? Maybe try leaving one in the ground as an experiment. I'm leaving all mine outside again.

Faira said...

David, Here in Albany, Oregon I do not have to dig up the glad bulbs for the winter.
Thank goodness because I have a ton of them in the garden. I do have to dig the dahlia bulbs up though or they rot with all the rain we have here.
We have a huge garden in the back and the front of our home and I enjoy tending it and I enjoy all of natures creatures that come to it because of the floweres and the protection. We have bird feeders and houses and baths, butterfly and lady bug houses and their miniature bathes with a well placed flat rock to warm themselves. I also built two bat houses and 10 Mason bee houses. In the four seasons the garden is alive with activity even on those winter days that keep me inside.

It is great to be alive when you are in the garden isn't it, or even just viewing from the window!!

Faira said...

If you like a fast growing tree with fantastic textured branches and beautiful (slow turning) fall color leaves that have every color in the rainbow as they turn for fall; try planting a Sweet Gum tree. They hold there leaves and fall colors much longer than any other deciduous tree I have seen. And none match it for it's kaleidoscope of colors. I love it, I planted a second one last year. They shade our lawn and keep it green in the summer months, with less need to water as often.

Kerri said...

the violin is beautiful. I'd like to hear you play :) I've enjoyed catching up and seeing your lovely flower, kitty and autumn pictures.
I've left glads in the ground unintentionally and they've survived and bloomed for years, but only in one of my gardens. Where the ground is wetter they rot.

Janice said...

You prompt me to get the old violin out of the closet and learn to play it! I have one passed on to me through the family. I would love to hear you play!

Your photos are wonderful, as usual! I've been wanting a camelia (pale pink), as my mother used to have a lovely one which would bloom it's heart out in January. Another prompting to do something I want to do.

Your posts are good to push me in the directions I need to go! Thank you!


David (Snappy) said...

Salix tree, I took up about twelve and replanted them.A half dozen remained and they have flowered this year.I worry about the bulbs rotting in the wet yorkshire conditions...
Faira, you have been extremely busy with making a wildlife friendly garden.I will try next year to attract butterflies, and keep up with my bird feeders.
I will look up that tree to see if i can find a place for it here,
Kerri, glad for all your comments.I hope you can find the cat cake photo.I worry about them rotting in the damp soil..

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Flora,Im flattered that you have been inspired by the violin and Camelia.Send me an email pic of your violin.I want better photos of mine.Its been nearly two years since i started playing.Im immeasurabley better than when i started.I have an italian violin teacher now to help me develop the art.I think its cool you have an heirloom violin.I will work out how to record a song or two and try to put it on the blog as a link.
The Camelias have awesome flowers, like delicate but complex art works!

Janice said...

Hi Snappy,
I will pull the violin out of hiding soon and take a picture of it for you. That would be great if you could share a song or two with us! :o)

David (Snappy) said...

Okay Flora,I was happy you replied to my reply.Then i need to practise a tune or two for recording.I wander what musical instrument gardeners can play out there?

Janice said...

Music, as gardening, is an art!