Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Cute Cat posing

Tia maria sitting on her purple cushion and watching me for signs of food!

Cara went out this morning.She is keeping an eye on the garden for me.


Faira said...

I can tell that Tia has never known a harsh word in her life, ha, ha! My Braille,(our blind cat) does not ask for food so sweetly. He likes to bite the hand that feeds him to let you know the food dish is running dangerously low. Or in the morning while I am sound asleep he likes to yank on my hair with his teeth; you certainly come awake without the need for the alarm clock.

Below is a link(copy and paste)to the unhappy situation in China these days; now do they not only have a one child law, but they are instituting a one dog law; with the death of thousands of dogs to enforce it. When will pets no longer suffer for the irresponsible pet owner and believe me we have our share of them here, too. It breaks my heart!

David (Snappy) said...

Faira,I have just googled that story.I cant believe they can do that.I have reservationa about the whole one child family, now one dog per household.The amount of killing they will do to enforce the law is unbelievable.I only hope that someone can smuggle the dogs out of China.There is a rabies vaccination so why dont they use that?
Braile sounds like a cutey waking you up to get fed.You sound like an incredible caring person with all those animals :)