Saturday, November 04, 2006

Saturday night firework Lights

Tonight is not the night for an early night as all Castleford (and the country) has gone firework mad.
Big bangs, little bangs, whirling katherine wheels, whizzing rockets.
The cold November air is full of the smell of sulphur and smoke.
The kids have waved their sparklers, and been given a toffee apple each.
I can remember standing on race courses watching firework displays and bonfires.
The cold air made you wear hat, scarf, gloves, and thick coat.
Guy Fawkes are you smiling down at the remembrance of trying to blow up the houses of Parliament?
A lot of time has passed but the memory has passed into common memory, a public celebration every year on the weekend closest to November the 5th.
The garden clean up will start tomorrow.Not just our fireworks, but all the stray ones that have landed in our garden.
Hope you all have a happy and safe bonfire night wherever you may be celebrating!


lisa said...

WOW! Beautiful picture! I've always loved matter the reason!

Sisah said...

Yes,I have nearly forgotten, it´s bonfire night in England. When the British Allies were still here in Berlin we used to go there each year to watch the spectacle on the "Maifeld" next to the olympic stadion. My son always enjoyed it very much, but it was always rainy, windy and cold. Those were the days....

Philosophical Karen said...

I understand about fireworks in the garden. My backyard neighbours decided to light fireworks (in July) this year and I was cleaning up bits of cardboard tubes and things for weeks.

roybe said...

As a boy I remember the smell that used to linger in the air the morning after bonfire night.

David (Snappy) said...

Lisa, I love them too even when they scare me with the big bangs.even when you know it will make a bang!!
Sounds nice Sisah, it is still part of the tradition of Britain, and some other countries.It was cold and windy on Bonfire night..
Karen, i never realised how much paper is unleashed when the fireworks explode.I have the pleasure of tidying it tomorrow..
The smell lingers of days after Roybe.Hope it sparked your memories of being back here.

Anonymous said...

I guess "fireworks" flowers can take the place of real flowers when the real flowers have gone...