Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Garden update

I cannot get any photos to upload on here today. Blogger is not playing fair..So i will be describing things.Will try pics later.
The first day off saw me cutting the grass which grew faster in October than July.I planted the strawberry plants in the new herb border.No herbs there yet!
I started a new batch of compost, now nestled beneath the car carpet to keep it warm and snug.I took fifty photos today, in the Autumn sunshine.The temperature was only twelve degree's C, bit chilly.Its dropped to 5 degrees now, brrrrr!!
The gas fire is on now keeping the front warm room.The snappy gardener likes the warmth.
I took another two tomato's from my stairwell, there are six now.Flower buds and little toms are still growing.
The pansys and hollyhocks are doing well in the kitchen..i moved a pair of anemones inside too for winter colour.
My pink fairy solar light has been broken by unknown forces.Her wings are broken, and need repairing..
The cut grass smelt lovely, the sun warmed my face as i cut the grass, examined the flowers and shrubs.It was a perfect day.
I made home made pumpkin soup with the jack o lantern...mmm it was lovely.What do you do with the jack o lantern when halloween has done?


Philosophical Karen said...

We were rejoicing at sunny 12 degrees C weather here. It's nice for us for this time of year.

David (Snappy) said...

Its about that here too, but much colder at night.Your garden looks good in the stitched picture.