Thursday, November 16, 2006

Essence of the plants

Beautiful unknown flowering shrub growing along the road that I walk down to go to the bus station.

I am always looking now for pictures to take with an eye for blogging the results.

I retook an IQ test yesterday and scored highly on the english words, and with spatial awareness and visualisation.

I put it down to taking photos and looking at the results.Only the best pics or most atmospheric make it through the editing stage.

To display a half dozen I may take about fourty or fifty.

November seems to be wet and windy, but not cool.Im between shifts so more posts tomorrow after my early start.

The flowers look like little white stars.I will have to sniff them tomorrow on the way past to see if they are fragrant. I like to look at, feel, sniff, touch, all the plants and flowers. To take in the essence of the flower, ready to try to describe it.A picture is worth a hundred words though!

Hope all your november gardens are growing on, and that you are all planning for next year with blogs, tv, and seed/plant catalogues.I know I am :)


Laurie and Chris said...

This is a really neat photo. I like that some of the flowers are open and you can see all the buds getting ready to open.

Janice said...

What a beautiful flower! I look forward to seeing if they are fragrant. They look like they should be! :o) Even the buds are beautiful, aren't they?

HORIZON said...

With this driveway that we're putting in Snappy l certainly have not done enough.
Beautiful pic.
Hope you have a lovely weekend

Kristen said...

Your blog is always a nice place to rest a bit from my tasks ... currently scanning photos and artworks so I can make a slide show. ... A lot of waiting involved, so this was a nice break. Beautiful!

Silvia Hoefnagels . Salix Tree said...

Is it a viburnum? Some do grow during winter, and smell lovely!

Ki said...

Pretty spectacular shrub for being just by the side of the road. I wonder what it is?

Your word verification is getting to be a bit long eh - fletmmzm- eight letters a handful to type.

David (Snappy) said...

Laurie, thanks for dropping by.I see you are quite creative with the scrapbooks, and excited by the hunting season..
Flora,I sniffed them yesterday but could not smell anything.I guess of you have gorgeous flowers and buds like that you can not smell.They are spectacular when all other things are retreating for over wintering...
Horizon,I hope the driveway goes in smoothly and that you can find time to do your garden jobs.
Kristen, glad you could relax between putting photo's into a slideshow..
Salix tree.I will google it today to see if it is a Viburnum..
Ki,Even I have to type the letters in to add comments.There are too many commercial and adult comments being put on.Its a pain, but the comments stay on the garden, and not anywhere else.
99% of the comments have been published on here.Only the spam ones have been rejected!I try to check everyday so its not long before they appear too.
Glad you dropped by :)