Thursday, March 25, 2010


The first Daffodil at the back garden is in flower now and has some spring sunshine illuminating its petals and face. The rain has been falling quite often this week and today started off wet.
I had planned to go to the allotment this morning but the damp weather stopped me. It has cleared up now so i may get up there this afternoon.
Cat is relaxing having a Spa day with her Mum. I have walked around the garden, taken photos of some flowers, and watched a program about the Natural History Museum. When I was in London we never managed to get into see it. The Queue was two hours long!! I vowed to go back when it was first open in the winter to try and get in before the hordes of visitors descend.
They have a large selection of pressed plants and flowers, which they can always go back to if they think they have discovered a new species of flower or plant.
I know its warming up because I saw my first Bumble Bee on the grass the day we went to Doncaster. I have seen a small Butterfly as well flying into the Fir Trees.
Daffodils are such beautiful flowers dancing in the spring breeze. They make you smile.


worm farm said...

You know its spring when all of the garden bloggers are rejoicing in the first flowers blooming - its a very inspirational time :)

clairesgarden said...

lovely daffodil!